Universal Studios

8th grade trip 2018 Orlando Florida Friday, May 18th

$135 per ticket

PRICE: $135 covers entry to BOTH theme parks, meal voucher, T-shirt, transportation, and a whole bunch of memories! Cash, check, or money order made payable to Varsity Lakes Middle School are appropriate forms of payment. (Sorry, annual passes to Universal can NOT be used for this event).


DRESS CODE: Universal has set the dress code for this event. It is very important that all guidelines are followed or they may refuse you entry into the park upon arrival. Students will be permitted to show up to school on Friday, May 18th following the dress code established for this event.


Girls: Capris or shorts (including jeans) must be at the knee or casual pants (no tights)

Official 8th  grade trip shirt must be worn at all times

Comfortable shoes (including sneakers) but no flip flops, no sandals, No open toed shoes, and no crocs


Purses smaller than of 8.5” x 11” as well as drawstring bags Guys: Casual pants or shorts (including jeans)

Official 8th  grade trip shirt must be worn at all times

Comfortable shoes (including sneakers) but no flip flops, no sandals, No open toed shoes, and no crocs


Drawstring Bags



Clothing with holes, tears or shredding

Clothing with obscene or offensive language/graphics Visible undergarments

Tank tops/undershirts (unless your 8th grade shirt is worn over it) Clothing that exposes excessive portions of the skin

Chains, spiked collars, spiked belts, or anything that could be used as a weapon


Passing cumulative grade (60% or higher) in all core academic classes No more than 18 absences for the 2017-2018 school year

No more than 5 referrals for the 2017-2018 school year

No level 3 disciplinary offences or assignment to Success Academy DEPARTURE:


May 18th is a regular school day. Students will arrive for school as they normally arrive every other day. The charter busses will depart the school bound for Orlando at about 12:00PM on Friday May 18th. Students will have lunch prior to departure and will be checked for dress code violations.

Students who do not comply with the dress code established by the theme parks will not be permitted to board the bus to leave campus.

Prior to departure, all students should download the app “CELLY” to their mobile device which will allow them to communicate with their chaperones throughout the event. Students will create a profile with a username that is the same as their actual name (ex. BSmith, or BillyS)



There will be no early pickup from the event. Security is very thorough and well implemented by the theme park. Part of their security plan prohibits early pickup from the event. One chaperone will accompany a pre-designated group of students (usually 10 per group). Students are free to move between the parks as they wish throughout the event. Groups can grow or shrink depending on individual ride preferences HOWEVER, STUDENTS ARE NEVER PERMITTED TO EXPLORE THE PARK ALONE. If a student gets separated from their group, they are to contact their chaperone immediately so that they can be assisted in re-joining their group.



Busses will arrive back on campus at approximately 3:30 AM on Saturday, May 19th. When the bus is roughly 30 minutes away from campus, students will use their cell phones to contact their parents and let them know they are 30 minutes away. It is reasonable to assume that after 12:30AM, students will be en route back to Fort Myers and parents can easily text them to confirm their arrival time sooner than 3:00AM.

School gates will be locked prior to bus arrival on the morning of the 19th. Parents can line the driveway into Varsity Lakes prior to our anticipated 3:30 arrival time.  Once the bus arrives, the gates will be unlocked and parents will pull through our normal dismissal area to pick up their students.