VLMS Open House

Varsity Lakes Middle School

School Choice 2018

School Choice

School Brochure

Why Varsity Lakes MS

The Varsity Way

A Higher Expectation

- Varsity Scholars
-Championship athletics
-GEMS (Growing, Empowering, Maturing and Shining) Club
-First middle school JROTC Leadership Academy 


-Project Lead The Way (STEM)
-Common school-wide instructional strategies (Kagan)
-Academic electives
-Free year-round academic assistance
-Full-time gifted program

Academic Requirments



- 3 Credits English Language Arts

- 3 Credits Math

- 3 Credits Science (Must take the 8th Grade EOC)

- 3 Credits Social Studies (Must take the 7th Grade Civics EOC)

Sample Schedule:

Period 1: Math

Period 2: Math

Period 3: English Language Arts

Period 4: Reading

Period 5: Science

Period 6: Social Studies

Period 7: Health/PE

Period 8: Elective

Period 9: Elective

Period 10: Elective

General Electives


General Electives

AVID Drama Art Certified Internet Webmaster
Spanish TV Production JROTC/Junior Leardership Random Acts of Kindness
Mock Trial Chorus Yearbook Student Government