Internal Audit

Internal Audit Department 

The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to assure internal fund compliance with School Board rules and State Statutes by assisting, guiding, and educating bookkeepers and principals in regards to internal funds.

The Internal Audit Department is located at 2855 Colonial Blvd. in the Lee County Public Education Center. This department serves as an independent appraisal and monitoring function. The department furnishes analysis, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed. Audit results assist management in evaluating fiscal and operational performance. The process provides for a cooperative environment for schools and District to identify and resolve areas of regulatory compliance. The audit function is designed to ensure efficient use of financial resources.

This department also audits the internal fund accounts of all Lee County public schools. It also provides assistance and training to schools in its continuing effort to enhance overall internal fund accountability.


Mike Gatewood, Director


Jeff Hamlin, Auditor


Ginny Nierop, Auditor


Lori Ramey, Auditor