Insurance Task Force

The Insurance Task Force (ITF) Committee is a group of 16 individuals who review all of the benefits offered by the District. Eight (8) of the individuals are appointed by the Superintendent and eight (8) are appointed by the two (2) bargaining units, TALC (Teachers Association of Lee County) and SPALC (Support Personnel Association of Lee County).

Meetings are held throughout the school year and are open to the public. The main goal of the ITF Committee is to obtain quality benefits at affordable prices for the employees as well as the retirees of the School District of Lee County.


Superintendent Designees

  • Benjamin Ausman, Principal, Bayshore Elementary School
  • Karen Cooley, Benefits Coordinator, Insurance & Benefits Management Department
  • Dr. Ami Desamours, Chief Financial Officer, Budget
  • Robert Dodig, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Helen Hernandez, Secretary to the Director, Curriculum & Instructional Innovation - Secondary
  • Kimberly Hutchins, Director, Payroll
  • Bonnie McFarland, Director, Insurance & Benefits Management Department
  • Heather Parker, Wellness Coordinator, Insurance & Benefits Management Department

Non - Voting Members

  • Melisa W. Giovannelli, District #2, Board Member Liaison
  • Joe Pescatrice, Retiree Liaison

Bargaining Unit(s) Designees

  • Toni Abrams, Bookkeeper, Royal Palm Exceptional Center, SPALC Representative
  • Shandra Backens, Teacher, Veterans Park Academy for the Arts, TALC Representative
  • Jill Castellano, Teacher, Varsity Lakes Middle School, TALC Representative
  • Cynthia Clements, Bus Attendant, Six-Mile Transportation Compound, SPALC Representative
  • Kevin Daly, TALC President
  • Amanda Evans, SPALC President
  • Kerr Fazzone, Service Unit Director, Florida Education Association, TALC
  • Elizabeth Peterson, Service Unit Director, Florida Education Association, SPALC

Meeting Dates

The first Thursday of the Month, every month except for July.

Next Meeting scheduled for:

Thursday, February 3, 2022
3 pm - 5 pm
Location: Media Rooms 1 and 2

Agendas and Minutes