Application Services

Jose Cuevas, Director
(239) 461-8452

The Application Services Department carries out several functions for the School District of Lee County. It maintains and provides access to the District's administrative data, designs and supports the District's administrative applications, and supports the mainframe (enterprise server) & mid-range equipment and operating systems.

The department also fulfills requests for production data and reports, supports the electronic transmission of data, supports the data reporting requirements of the State of Florida Department of Education (DOE), and manages data and processes to support Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) generation.

The Application Services Department is Divided into Functional and Support Areas:

Finance / Budget

The Finance/Budget Area maintains computer applications for the following areas and functions:

  • Budget
  • Financial Services
  • Property Records
  • Food & Nutrition Services
  • District Warehouse Operations
  • Procurement Services
  • Textbook Inventory
  • Finance State Reporting

Human Resources

The Human Resources Area maintains computer applications for the following areas and functions:

  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Staffing & Talent Management
  • Compensation & Recruitment
  • Insurance & Benefits Management
  • Curriculum & Staff Development
  • Florida Department of Education (DOE) Applications for Staff Surveys

Applications / Systems Support

This area provides and supports the infrastructure and tools utilized by the applications development staff.

  • Applications Support
  • Systems Support

FTE / DOE Reporting

Student Applications for State Reporting provide for the transmission of over 90 million data elements annually to generate Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) funding and satisfy Florida Accountability statutes. Several counts (surveys) are done each year to the Florida Department of Education (DOE) with the requested information.

There are two general survey categories:

  • Student, PK-12 Surveys
  • WDIS, Postsecondary Vocational and Adult General Education Surveys

Student Systems

Student Systems provide computer applications to support the collection of all student information that supports administration and personnel at both the school and district level. Data are available online, electronically, and through printed reports.

  • Student Assignment/School Choice
  • Student Demographics
  • Health/Immunizations
  • Grade Reporting
  • Attendance
  • Student Scheduling
  • Testing