Renewal Process


Charter schools that have been successful in their operations, including meeting their student performance goals and implementing sound financial management, may apply for renewal of their charter. This page describes the procedure for submitting a renewal application.

Procedural changes

From time to time, actions by the Florida State Board of Education, the Florida Legislature, or the School Board of Lee County may result in modifications to the charter renewal process. This page may be updated to reflect such changes.

Process for allowing a charter to expire

At least 120 days before the scheduled end of a charter school contract, the Governing Board should submit written notification to the sponsor that it will allow the charter to expire without renewal.

Process for seeking charter renewal

At least 120 days before the scheduled end of a charter school contract, the charter school should submit a written request to the sponsor seeking renewal for a specified period of time, or notify the sponsor that it will allow the charter to expire without renewal.

Documents required to request charter renewal

Schools seeking charter renewals should submit all of the following documents:

  1. REQUEST FOR RENEWAL: A written request to the sponsor seeking renewal for a specified period of time. The request for renewal must include the title, full name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the designated contact person. Notices, questions, and other correspondence related to the renewal application will be directed to this contact person.

  2. STATEMENT OF ELIGILIBILITY FOR RENEWAL: Written documentation showing how each of the criteria established in §1002.33(7)(a)(1-16), F.S. have been met, and verifying that none of the causes for termination established in §1002.33(8)(a), F.S. exist;

  3. PLANS FOR RENEWAL: A description of any planned variation from the current approved application or current approved renewal plan. If the changes in any section are numerous or substantial, then the entire section with revisions should be submitted. If no changes at all are planned for a given section, then simply stating that no changes will be made is sufficient for that section. If there is a section in the list below that did not appear in the most recent application or renewal submitted by the school, and that section is applicable to this school, then that section should be completed in full for this renewal application.

    Note that any changes described in renewal plans should be reasonable, orderly, and logically-connected to the school's performance to date. Renewal plans may not describe a substantially new school, but only an improved version of the existing school.

    1. Educational Plan

      1. Mission, Guiding Principles and Purpose

      2. Target Population and Student Body

      3. Educational Program Design

      4. Curriculum Plan

      5. Student Performance, Assessment and Evaluation (Note: This section must be updated in all renewal applications. For each year of the proposed charter, the application must present annual measurable educational goals and objectives that set high standards for student performance. These goals must be unambiguous (i.e., each goal must be written in a way that it will always be objectively clear as to whether or not the goal was achieved). Applicants are encouraged to use SMART goals criteria.

      6. Exceptional Students

      7. English Language Learners

      8. School Culture and Discipline

      9. Supplemental Programming

    2. Organizational Plan

      1. Governance

      2. Management and Staffing

      3. Human Resources and Employment

      4. Professional Development

      5. Student Recruitment and Enrollment

      6. Parent and Community Involvement

    3. Business Plan

      1. Facilities

      2. Transportation

      3. Food Service

      4. School Safety and Security

      5. Budget

      6. Financial Management and Oversight

      7. Action Plan

  4. JUSTIFICATION FOR RENEWAL: A written case for renewal based on the service of the school and the performance of its students during the previous charter period. This case must be based on actual, specific, quantifiable performance data (school grades or performance ratings, subgroup performance, graduation rate, re-enrollment rate, etc.) and make a compelling argument for the continuation of the school.

Related authorities

The renewal process is governed by §1002.33, F.S., School Board Policy 2.28, and related process documentation and flow charts.

Submittal requirements

Applications for renewal and all related documents must be be presented in reviewable format and must include two printed, collated, and unbound copies and one complete digital copy.

The printed copies and the digital copies must be faithful copies of each other.

The digital copy may be provided on a  flash drive; or may be posted in an online depository to which the District has access. At this time, the District cannot accept files on other digital media.

The digital copy must contain the entire application in a single, searchable, unprotected file in PDF or Microsoft Word format, except that financial appendices may be presented as separate PDF, Word, or Excel format files.

Digital media is not retained and will not be returned.

The submittal documents should include a table of contents and page numbers. If appendices are attached, appendices should be clearly labeled.

Submit complete applications for renewal and documentation to the following address:

Superintendent of Schools
The School District of Lee County
Lee County Public Education Center
2855 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33966-1012
(239) 337-8301

Information and assistance

If you have any questions or need further information please contact the Department of Grants & Program Development at (239) 337-8115.