Change for Change

Change for Change - Your Tax Dollars at Work for Student Success
Superintendent standing in front of a class reading a book

We want to thank you for your support of the half cent investment in education which will help pay for new schools, renovation and maintenance, technology upgrades and enhancements to campus safety and security.

Capital vs Operational Funds

Two of the major funds in the district's budget and rules about how the money in the fund can be spent

More Information about Capital vs Operational Funds

Financial Audits

Wide variety of audits to hold the District accountable and evaluate the quality of our financial practices

More Information about Financial Audits

Independent Sales Surtax Oversight Committee

Oversee the use of sales tax revenues

More Information about Independent Sales Surtax Oversight Committee

Tracking your Tax Dollars

District overview and school by school breakdown of projects using the sales tax revenue

More Information about Tracking your Tax Dollars