Dress Code/Uniform

Varsity Lakes Middle School Uniform Dress Code

  • Shirts:  Solid color, single brand logo, polo style collared shirts or Varsity Lakes t-shirts 
  • - Polo shirts can have no more than 2 buttons open.
    - Students are only allowed to wear a plain colored t-shirt/long sleeve shirt underneath the polo shirt.
  • Pants/Shorts/Capris/Skirts: Acceptable colors –Navy, Khaki, Black, Grey & Brown
    - Uniform bottoms must be worn at the waist, above the hip/pelvic bone and fit appropriately ; if they do not fit appropriately, then a belt is required
    - Length of skirts and shorts must be at or below the knee in the standing position.
    - Jackets/Sweaters:
     - Jackets/sweaters must be unbuttoned or unzipped



  • Footwear:  Closed toe shoes, no higher than the ankle
    -No sandal, slipper-type shoes or beach-type shoes, including shoes made out of mesh or plastic, and no “Croc” style shoes, high heels, or wedges are allowed.                     
  • Backpacks:  Students are encouraged to rent a locker to store their backpacks/backpack purses.
    Backpacks/Backpack purses will not be allowed in the classrooms.
    - No purses or handbags larger than 8X8 in.
    - Drawstring bags are allowed and encouraged for dress out clothes as students may ONLY go to lockers before and after school, not between classes.
  • Face MasksCloth or surgical face coverings/masks will be required in the Face to Face model of instruction, except while seated eating breakfast or lunch. Masks shall adhere to the Student Code of Conduct for all apparel. Ski masks, full face/head coverings are not permitted. Students may not wear a shield in place of a mask, but may wear one  in addition to a mask. At this time, based on guidance from health authorities, open-chin triangle bandanas, and face coverings containing valves/vents, mesh material, lace, holes or other largely porous material are not suitable. Masks that are disruptive or offensive in nature are prohibited. District Policy can be found here.
  • Misc:

- Adornments that, in the principal’s judgement, could cause injury, be a safety risk, or cause a disruption to the school environment may not be worn.  Examples of prohibited adornments include, but are not limited to, hoops or rings attached to the nose, eyebrows, cheeks or lips.

-Any method of public display (including clothing, nail polish, and other items that may be worn or carried) of an organization affiliated with controversial, obscene or illegal activities on a person, may not be worn, if in the principal’s judgement, they may cause a substantial disruption to the school environment.

- Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs tobacco, or any other illegal activity are prohibited.

- Apparel or symbols which may be gang-related may not be displayed on a student’s person or in a student’s possession.

 - Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that may substantially disrupt the learning environment are prohibited. Examples of prohibited items include bags, clothing, or headgear with any flag other than the USA flag or State of Florida flag.

- Hair coloring or style that may cause a substantial disruption to the educational environment, as determined by the principal, is prohibited.

- Jeans, Denim of any Color, Carpenter pants, Low rise bottoms, Hip hugger bottoms, Clothing that drags on the ground (ex. pant legs), Torn clothing, Lycra, Spandex, Stretch fabrics, Corduroy, Ribbons, Ruffles, Bows, Slits on the pants legs and Tied waist bands is prohibited.

  - The wearing of hats, caps, headgear (including hoodies) or sunglasses, except in conjunction with designated school- approved uniforms or authorized athletic practices or activities, is prohibited.  There may be certain exceptions for medical conditions and physical education classes held outside.  The principal will determine these exceptions.


*The principal and staff will designate special event days and provide the students with information on how 

  the dress code may be altered for those days

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